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Creating photo books using Affinity Publisher for printing at Fotofabriek


Fotofabriek is a Dutch printing service for photo books and other photo related articles. In addition to Blurb, for which I make books in Lightroom, it is my favorite printing service. The nice thing is that they allow you to supply books in PDF format, which allows for greater creative freedom and better control compared to the standard software they offer (which isn't too bad either).

I'm an enthousiast user of the Affinity suite, in which Publisher is the perfect piece of software to create books. It is an affordable and powerful alternative to Adobe Indesign. This page collects all information you need to create PDFs in the correct format for printing at Fotofabriek.


  1. Download one of the templates below, corresponding to the book size you are using.
  2. Create your book by adding content.

Book type

Cover Inside
Fotoboek Hardcover 30x30 Vierkant Cover template v1 Inside template v1
(more books will be added in the future)    


Some things to check before you publish:

Export to PDF

To export the inside, use the following settings (screenshots will follow soon):

For the cover, the same settings apply, only the area automatically becomes whole document.

Upload the book

Use the PDF uploader. Once uploaded, carefully check the layout using the preview.


I have no affiliation with Fotofabriek, Affinity and Adobe. The information on this page is offered as a service from an enthousiast user. I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes in the information or templates. Although I used the files myself and carefully checked them for errors, use at your own risk.